The Sword in the Stone is a novel by British writer T. H. White, published in , initially as a The Once and Future King Book 1: The Sword in the Stone. The Sword in the Stone book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Learn. That is the only thing that never failsMerlyn t. The Sword in the Stone [Terence Hanbury White] on The Sword and the Stone was one of my favorite books as a child and I've reread it several.

The Sword In The Stone Book

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The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Brilliant, high-level take on Arthur's childhood. Read Common Sense Media's The Sword in the Stone review, age rating, and parents guide. Get personalized recommendations and earn points toward a free book! Before you go Check Out. The Bestselling Books of All Time. See the List.

While wandering in the Forest Sauvage after a night of adventure with King Pellinore who hunts for the Questing Beast , the Wart chances upon the cottage of Merlyn, an old magician who "lives backward" through time and thus possesses the ability to know the future.

Merlyn informs the Wart that he will become his tutor and accompanies him back to Sir Ector's Castle of the Forest Sauvage. After reviewing the wizard's references, Sir Ector hires the old magician.

Kay, the Wart's older brother, becomes jealous over the Wart's fortune, as he does throughout the novel. Merlyn's lessons consist of transforming the Wart into different kinds of animals.

Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

The boy's first transformation is into a perch, and while swimming in the castle's moat, he meets Mr. At different points in the novel, the Wart becomes a hawk, an ant, an owl, a wild goose, and a badger: Each animal reveals to the Wart a different way of life, political philosophy, or attitude toward war.

Merlyn also has his pupil witness a tilting match or joust between King Pellinore and Sir Grummore, where the two men reveal their absurd need to follow the rules of sportsmanlike combat. Feeling sorry for Kay, the Wart asks Merlyn if he can transform his older brother into an animal as well; the magician explains that he cannot since that is not what Merlyn was sent for.

However, Merlyn does tell the Wart that he and his brother should follow a certain path into the Forest Sauvage, where they will surely find an adventure.

The boys do just that and eventually meet Robin Wood, the famous outlaw often called, in error, "Robin Hood" who explains to the boys that a band of fairies, the Oldest Ones of All led by the witch Morgan Le Fay, have kidnapped his companion, Friar Tuck, and the Dog Boy, one of Sir Ector's servants.

The boys agree to help Robin and his men storm the Castle Chariot a fortress made entirely of food where the captives are being held. After rescuing the men, Kay kills the griffin a creature with an eagle's head and wings and a lion's body that guards the castle.

Sir Ector is expected to receive and care for Twyti and his retinue during his stay. When Twyti arrives, Sir Ector gives a great Christmas feast in which songs are sung and Sir Ector delivers a warm speech. At the boar hunt, the prey is killed but Beaumont, Twyti's favorite hound, is paralyzed from the waist down.

While Twyti holds him in his arms, Robin kills the dog to free it from pain. King Pellinore then happens upon the Questing Beast, which has become sick with longing for her once-fanatic hunter, and King Pellinore vows to resume the chase.

Six years pass. Kay prepares for his impending knighthood while the Wart continues his education. The Wart will become Kay's squire after he is knighted.

The Once and Future King

King Pellinore informs Sir Ector, Sir Grummore, and Kay that Uther Pendragon has died without an heir, and to remedy this politically chaotic situation, a sword has appeared outside a church in London, running through an anvil and into a stone.

Kay convinces his father that they should attend, and he agrees.

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He is even transformed by his remarkable old tutor into various animals, so that he may experience life from all points of view. The Sword in the Stone By T.

Noel Streatfeild. At the boar hunt, the prey is killed but Beaumont, Twyti's favorite hound, is paralyzed from the waist down.