several crucial points in history, prodded humanity and altered its destiny, even .. farmers, since it makes it easier to separate the edible grains after beating. An Edible History of Humanity is a pithy, entertaining account of how a series of changes— cause Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of. Download Best Book An Edible History of Humanity, ^^PDF FILE Download An Edible History of Humanity Free Collection, ^^PDF Download.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Standage provides an intriguing history of how hunger has shaped civilizations and prompted technological. Read An Edible History of Humanity PDF - by Tom Standage O'Reilly Media | More than simply sustenance, food historically has been a kind of. DOWNLOAD in >>PDF An Edible History of Humanity EBOOK Click button below to download or read this book. Description More than simply.

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The six sections are: 1: Edible Foundations Of Civilization Neolithic Revolution transforms hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists.

The first section introduces hunting and gathering to the reader, but quickly moves on to agriculture and farming techniques, which enabled a great expansion of population. Standage defends his thesis that farming is a man-made, unnatural system. He does so by discussing the history of maize , an altered, man-made crop.

Maize is a major topic in this book as it has become a major staple throughout the world today. Standage also mentions wheat and rice, which were also important cereal grains, often involved in certain religious beliefs of people. Once civilizations had emerged in various parts of the world, food helped to connect them together.

Food-trade routes acted as international communications networks that fostered not just commercial exchange, but cultural and religious exchange too. The spice routes that spanned the Old World led to cross-cultural fertilisation in fields as diverse as architecture, science and religion.

Early geographers started to take an interest in the customs and peoples of distant lands and compiled the first attempts at world maps. By far the greatest transformation caused by food trade was a result of the European desire to circumvent the Arab spice monopoly.

This led to the discovery of the New World, the opening of maritime trade routes between Europe, America and Asia, and the establishment by European nations of their first colonial outposts.

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Along the way, it also revealed the true layout of the world. As European nations vied to build global empires, food helped to bring about the next big shift in human history — a surge in economic development through industrialisation.

Sugar and potatoes, as much as the steam engine, underpinned the industrial revolution. The production of sugar on plantations in the West Indies was arguably the earliest prototype of an industrial process, reliant though it was on slave labour.

An Edible History of Humanity

Potatoes, meanwhile, overcame initial suspicion among Europeans to become a staple food that produced more calories than cereal crops could from a given area of land. Together, sugar and potatoes provided cheap sustenance for the workers in the new factories of the industrial age.

The use of food as a weapon or war is timeless, but the large-scale military conflicts of the 18th and 19th centuries elevated it a new level. Food played an important role in determining the outcome of the two wars that defined the United States of America: the Revolutionary War of the s and the Civil War of the s.

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The mechanisation of warfare in the 20th century meant that for the first time in history, feeding machines with fuel and ammunition became a more important consideration than feeding soldiers.In this new work, he instead shows how one of humanity's most vital needs hunger didn't simply reflect but served as the driving force behind transformative and key events in history.

Enter your email address below and we will send you your username. The author is Tom Standage and he is a great author and I liked his points that he made toward agriculture and it allowed me to see it in a whole new manner.

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