For more information about the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire line, free downloads, answers to rule .. light Fly Casual also provides additional rules for quick-. Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny A Sourcebook for Colonists, Fly Casual A Sourcebook for Smugglers. Lords of Nal Hutta Hutt Space. Edge of the Empire - Fly Casual (SWE12).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Download Edge of the Empire - Fly Casual (Smuggler).pdf. Star Wars Edge Of The Empire Rpg - Fly Casual Wars Edge Of The Empire Rpg - Fly Casual Supplement PDF Download Hello readers! are. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Fly Casual, a smuggler sourcebook for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™!.

So unless you have certain talents which increase your selling cost and reduce your crafting expenditure, you're not able to turn much of a profit on a low cost template, added to the fact that it takes several hours to build each item you are not likely to earn 10,, Credits per day using this method. Secondly, the odds of you creating a god-tier item are pretty sketchy.

Even a high level mechanic who throws five D12s at a single check can only roll or convert in some cases nine "Advantages" as one "Success" is still required to pass the check or roll five "Triumphs" at best without finding additional advantages from other sources somehow.

This is not counting what the difficulty dice rolled against you, though it is possible to reduce the difficulty of the check to zero by taking the Schematic result several times, but you are still at the mercy of the random dice when you roll. At this point the GM should be throwing Destiny points at you in the vague hope of scoring some disadvantages Even without difficulty you have about the same odds of building a basic template item rapidly through high success as you do building something slowly with very high quality, odds are you'll roll a roughly even split of Success vs Advantage and end up with something roughly in the middle.

Better items may be found off the shelf if you fork out some more money and take the time to look, or that come with unique rules that you simply cannot build into your own items using the template method.

But crafting generally means that your brand new item is likely to be bespoke; tailored to what you want it to be and allows for some oddball combinations. Droids can also be crafted using the template method though they are of comparable cost to droids off the shelf and it can take several days of work to complete, and because you are essentially building a new character it is slightly more complicated than rolling one check.

Requiring a Mechanics test to first build the chassis from a selection of templates following the normal rules. Then programming the personality from a list of directives which requires a Computer checks, providing it with a selection of skills suitable to its intended job.

Thankfully once the body is completed, the personality no longer costs anything and cannot be ruined by a failure, though disadvantages rolled can count as permanent penalties for the droid's available skills, or imposing negative personality traits.

With the release of Unlimited Power, there are also crafting tables for the creation of Force Talismans and Potions. The book strongly encourages players and game masters to reflavor their items in new ways beyond those presented as tattoos, for example.

Lightsabers are in, and work exactly how they are expected to, so no underpowering them for the sake of game balance. Thankfully the setting largely excludes Knight-level characters, so very few people actually know how to use them properly, meaning any character stupid enough to wield one will be rolling a number of D8s based on strength or agility without any skill points to upgrade them and therefore would have problems reliably hitting anything with a decent defense score.

Lightsaber Crystals: Because there isn't actually a single table providing the statistics for lightsaber crystals -despite the fact they actually define the weapon itself - it is rather difficult to actually compare them without extrapolating from the text. So here follows a table of crystals put side by side, normally a crystal takes up 2 weapon Hard Point slots; some do differ and it will be mentioned in their notes.

Despite Jedi not being the focus of the setting, the Force is present if players want to use it. Thankfully it's not as OP as sometimes portrayed in other rules systems. Access to Force powers is granted by the Force rating talent, which can only be obtained via certain specializations.

Instead the Force Rating 1 talent is provided to characters of those classes at character creation in the same way that they get free ranks in career skills. The only specializations that grant Force Sensitivity automatically are the universal careers such as "Force Exile" or "Emergent". That means that players who don't start out as "Jedi" have to take a much longer path to competency in Force abilities, having to first cross class into one of the universal trees to be granted Rating 1 if they didn't already have it.

Which would also be an XP sink as it adds to your cross-class multiplier and makes your next class more expensive. A Player could still multiclass into one of the "Jedi" careers and learn all of the talents just like any other class, and could pick up the Force Rating increase found at the end, but that's also long way journey to the bottom where you'd have to download a lot of unusable talents that won't help you without the ability to use the Force.

This is quite consistent with the lore, where often those considered "too old" for training were not permitted to become Jedi.

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Once the specialisation and therefore the talent is bought, upgrades can be taken for the class itself, but can also be bought for powers, which are relatively simple but can be upgraded much like any other career specialisation:. Force powers require a special D12 dice to activate which has white and black spots on it, representing light or dark points respectively.

Three-fifths of the light-sided faces of the die have two dots, while only a single dark-side-aligned face does. This is somewhat-consistent with the movie lore, wherein the dark side is easier to use, but the light side is more powerful overall. The number of dice you get is represented by your force sensitivity factor and you invest these successes into your power upgrades to perform more impressive feats, like moving larger objects or mind-tricking more opponents.

However unless you are using options from Force and Destiny , your force sensitivity factor doesn't go higher than 2, meaning that your powers are unlikely to be impressive as you cannot activate as many upgrades to a power as you can roll light-side successes. Even "true" Force Wielding characters often don't have a Force Rating of higher than 3 without cross classing into different force-wielding careers unless you start out as Consular which still won't guarantee Starkiller levels of power.

In most of the campaigns, the group starts out with their own method of transportation. There are options to choose from, but generally the GM should choose for the group depending on the theme of the campaign, because it would not do too well for a squadron of fighters to roll up in certain situations, but also that some ships have certain narrative crew requirements or limitations which are all helpfully explained in the vehicle's stat block.

Like Rogue Trader the ship and ship combat can play a very big part of the gaming session. But thankfully unlike Rogue Trader the rules have been streamlined in line with what they did to personal scale combat.

Distances and positions are abstract, so you only need to pay attention to who has particular advantages over each other. The ruleset doesn't depart too much from the personal scale either, so rather than learning something new, you calculate your dice rolls much the same way, this means that space combat can be speedy and active rather than onerous arguing about position, speed and firing arcs. As with any good splatbook, each non-adventure module adds new races, equipment and vehicle options.

Most of them also add modular encounters which can be squeezed into any other adventure without too much trouble, or even strung along together to manufacture your own adventures. Jump to: Currently there are three separate campaign settings: Edge of the Empire Age of Rebellion Force and Destiny However, unlike the Warhammer 40, roleplaying games produced by Fantasy Flight, they all use exactly the same format and rulesets and are completely compatible with one another with only minor differences in the reason for why they adventure, though all of the mechanics can be used simultaneously.


Takes 1 Hard Point slot. Ghostfire 14, 9 6 2 Breach 1, Sunder 8 2 Breach 1, Defensive 2, Sunder The wielder can spend 4 Advantage or 1 Triumph result in an attack check to prevent the opponent from using the Parry talent.

If user drops below 50 Morality then crystal ceases to function.

Also takes up 4 hard point slots. The GM may spend four disadvantage or one despair to have the lightsaber sputter out and deactivate for one hour. Varpeline 14, 9 8 3 Breach 1, Vicious 1, Sunder 9 3 Breach 1, Vicious 3, Sunder When spending a Triumph result to cause a critical hit, they may spend a second Triumph to automatically get the "Maimed" result without having to randomly determine it.

If a Force Sensitive wielder raises their morality to above 70, they may "reclaim" the crystal, whereupon it no longer provides Black for force checks, but also loses the Vicious Quality.

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In some cases, especially with refrigerated and platform flatbed equipment. The demand for their services and frankly all commercial drivers will only intensify. Sourcing capacity can be difficult but with advanced technology the job can be made simpler.

We can be reached at timothy. This trucker has one truck and says he can do the load.

Star Wars : Edge of the Empire RPG Fly Casual Smuggler Sourcebook (2015, Other)

He also has a Gmail address using the name of the trucker. Broker makes the deal, sends the contract, service confirmation and his packet. Carrier executes the contract and service confirmation and sends back his carrier packet. Deal done, broker knocks off for the day. Tuesday morning comes and the load has failed to arrive. What happened. He calls the carrier and gets an answering machine.

He writes to the Gmail address, no response. What happened? That license plate checked out to a junked trailer in a salvage yard.

Edge of the Empire - Fly Casual (SWE12).pdf

A claim is presented to the trucker at his address in Iowa. The answer in this theft is phone number spoofing. To the unsuspecting broker, he never called back the carrier to confirm the ID. Check inspections, no inspections, noload.

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