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It's their darkest secret yet, and guess who found out? Now A is determined to make them pay for their crime, and the only thing scarier than A is the fear that maybe, just maybe, they deserve what's coming to them.

Get A Copy. Hardcover , First Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Pretty Little Liars Rosewood, Pennsylvania United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Ruthless , please sign up. In my country there are only eight books of this series and they stop with Wanted.

Can someone explain why? Do they still have to be translated or is it something else? I really want to read the series in my own language. I'm from Belgium by the way. Simo Hi, the same thing happens in my country Italy. I think they're still being transalted, so you probably have to wait: See all 3 questions about Ruthless….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 29, Alec rated it did not like it Shelves: Okay, so I'm going to try to keep this classy, unlike my Twisted review.

My dearest Sara, Why, oh why, do you pain me with this? Why continue on? You had it perfect. Your series was like a taco. Pretty Little Liars was the shell to the taco, and with each book, you added something tasty to it! By the end of Wanted , you wrapped it up all nicely for me--you made a wonderful Literature Taco! Then, you came out with Twisted and Ruthless You took it and Not anything good, Mrs.

Everything you added was things that everybody has already heard! It's like you're trying to feed me your poop! I don't like to eat human waste! I want real food! I'm a real boy! Why, Sara? I thought we were best friends! Apparently not! I feel like I lost a friend Sincerely, Alec P. I was not under the influence of any drug while writing this review.

I wrote from the heart. One more thing though: Ruthless has a 4. Did I read the same piece of garbade that everyone else read? Literally, someone explain that to me. View all 15 comments. Aug 03, Abby rated it did not like it Shelves: How do you hide a 9-month long pregnancy from all of your friends and family?

Spring Break is in March I know I mentioned this in the last book review but Maybe I am still missing something here. That would be a grown man who whines like a 13 year old teeny-bopper who leaves his 17 year old soul mate for another 17 year old slutbagho.

I think by now we all know what the stupid plot of this series is, and you don't have to keep addressing the whole Was-Ali-Really-Ali? We get it. We aren't stupid. After all, I did make it past 6th grade biology. The girl tried to kill her multiple times, and yet she is still hanging on to some shred of hope that she is still alive and kicking.

Emily has major self esteem issues. You'd think after 10 books she would at least somewhat get a backbone.

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It's not setting up a secret concert and tricking people into listening to a political rally and I am SO convinced that all these college kids were THRILLED when some random political activists started passing out registration forms at a gathering they knew nothing about. And that each of these 17 year old murderers must obviously be Super Woman Not that I have moved many dead bodies to compare it to, but have you ever tried moving dead weight before?

How is Emily so wracked with guilt over a murder she didn't even commit I mean, good for her for giving up the child for a better life And yet she goes about her day like she just dropped off an old pair of jeans at Good Will or something. But she can't let go of the memory of a dead murderer.

The ONLY line in the book that made me laugh was when Kelsey wrote to Spencer in a little "I don't know what your problem is, but you seriously need help. View all 10 comments. Este se me ha atragantado No ha sido el peor de los libros pero creo que le pongo menos nota debido a que el anterior era demasiado bueno. En Ruthless ha habido varias cosas que no me han convencido. Por ejemplo, olvidamos por completo el personaje de Chloe que fue tan importante en Twisted , e introducimos a Kelsey -un personaje que Este se me ha atragantado Por ejemplo, olvidamos por completo el personaje de Chloe que fue tan importante en Twisted , e introducimos a Kelsey -un personaje que daba mucho juego al principio, luego se deshincha y luego no tiene ni pies ni cabeza.

El final de la novela, sin embargo, incluye algo sobre Kelsey que creo que es bastante interesante. No, no es spoiler. En fin: Dec 22, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: View all 16 comments. This particular instalment, I found a little boring, and not much was happening in any of the girls stories. I wasn't a huge fan of the 'Kelsey' storyline, so i'm glad that's over Favourite Line: I know you guys are living out your own private Romeo and Juliet love story, but remember, both of them die in Act V.

Order of PLL books from fav to least fav so far 1. Wanted 2. Wicked 3.

Killer 4. Pretty Little Liars 5. Twisted 6. Unbelievable 7. Ruthless 8. Flawless 9. Heartless View all 3 comments. Oct 31, Geraldine O'Hagan rated it did not like it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Back we go again. Emily is pregnant with the baby Back we go again. Who would have thought it? This is just casually thrown in at the beginning of Chapter 17, and then never mentioned again. Is the US so full of giant mansions occupied by insane old men and their pet bevy of Olympic athletes that this needs no further explanation?

All the female characters seem to be suffering from neurotic psychoses occasionally leading to catatonic fits, and all the males from narcissistic personality disorders of the megalomaniacal variety. Yet none of them are aware of this. Occasionally one of the girls like Mona, Alison or Courtney tries to take control of their situation by usurping the psychopathic control-freak tendencies of the males, becomes a crazed blood-stained lunatic and is destroyed as punishment for her transgression.

Otherwise everybody trundles along like this is normality. Jan 06, Abby rated it it was amazing. That's how interesting this book is. Plus it doesn't hurt that I'm Jamaican and I live in Jamaica and the pretty little liars's murder took place there ;D You'd think after ten books the whole A is trying to get you thing is stale?

The twists and turns almost give you a headache because you so desperately want to make the connection and figure out who the new A is before So it took me ONE and a half days to read this page book and almost a MONTH to finish a book I was reading before it.

The twists and turns almost give you a headache because you so desperately want to make the connection and figure out who the new A is before the series is over. I kept looking for little clues and signals but I'm still just as clueless as the first time around. For a while I even considered 'triplets', and I'll get to that in a second. It'll probably make sense and I'll find the hints after the series is over but it doesn't make the book any less interesting. The book starts off with this tiny little flashback to the time directly after Jamaica when they kind of fell apart before launching into the story.

Aria - After the events of Twisted, Noel broke things off with her, Klaudia is still a pyschotic bitch and Ezra's back! But personally, I didn't like this new Ezra at all!! I read the first 8 books long before the show started but because the new books just recently came back up, I've lost connection with the 'REAL' story, so I took to reading them again, and found I've quite missed the book world of Pretty Little Liars.

Anywhoo, Aria does get her happy ending and I like her again. At the beginning I thought she was a bitch for not helping Spencer, but she's still a great character. Klaudia like I said is still a bitch and it was even funny when they were in the cafe and Aria told her to speak normally and when Klaudia threatened her, Aria just told her off! Hanna - As usual, her problems revert to the opposite sex. Like the blurb states, she does end up kissing the enemy. In this case, her father's campaign opposition's son Liam.

She sneaks around and sees him behind her father's back because she's afraid he'll hate her again. The conclusion of that story was kind of easy to predict but what Kate did was a bit more shocking. I could tell where it was going but I didn't think it would actually happen. Emily - Emily does get a bit wild at first when her older sister Beth comes to visit and she ends up meeting a girl named Kay, who turns out to be a lot more familiar than everyone thought.

She almost gets killed 'again', in fact she almost gets killed twice In the end, she kind of lost her friend Kay because of A and it was a bit sad how Kay's life turned out to be so unlucky don't worry, she doesn't die or anything. But yeah, Emily pretty much fell in love with Kay so I kinda felt bad for her. Spencer - Despite Hannah being on the cover this was pretty much Spencer's story.

We got a hint from Twisted that she did some not so nice things to get into Princeton but it comes to light in Ruthless. Spencer was busted for drug possession prescription drugs and framed her roommate Kelsey Pierce.

So when Kelsey comes back into the picture, it sets the stage for this whirlwind of crazy. There were a lot of Shakespeare references. Spencer even stars as Lady Macbeth in the school play, which is kind of an allusion to her real-life madness and guilt she has over A and Kelsey. Especially when she starts to slave over the play to get into Princeton after a letter tells her there is another Spencer Hastings vying for a spot at Princeton.

She hopes the play will give her the extra edge. Tabitha Clark - She annoyed me but not in a I-hate-this-character-and-book type of way. It was Alison DiLaurentis all over again and I freakishly desperately wanted to know what the deal with this girl was!!! The mysteriousness and similarities nearly drove me crazy. Especially when you learn that Kelsey was also in Jamaica for spring break with Tabitha and the Liars.

Spencer even found a picture of Tabitha on Kelsey's phone. If that isn't bad enough, at the very end you find out something extra about Tabitha that I'm pretty sure is a hint to who A is but I can't make sense of it and if I say it, it might be a spoiler. Some smartypants out there might put two and two togther and figure out who A is.

And while it hurts my brain being in the dark, I'd rather hear who A is from the book. Like I said, I considered triplets because she's so much like Ali: To be honest, the only way this book can truly make me feel any dumber is if one of the Liars turned out to be A or some minor character we all overlooked like with Mona, turned out to be A. Or maybe even if A was a guy or an adult or something. There's so many possibilities. I don't reccommend this if you're just starting the series, you have to read the other nine books to get a true sense of what's going on.

But Miss Shepard has done it again. Not many authors can continue their series with such great success. I thought okay she's dragging this out, but when I read Twisted and got my hands on Ruthless, I gobbled it up like a starved homeless person.

Also, everybody's friends again in the end!! But sometimes I think it's just a little bad that A is always the person who brings them together, they should really work on that. But this series is by far one of my favourites, NOT just because I like the tv show. By the way, the tv show cannot and will not help you to understand the books, it may even confuse you further, which is why I'm glad I did and I strongly reccommend reading the entire series.

The show is awesome but it strays greatly from the books. What you can do is in-between waiting for the new episodes, read each book.

If it took me two days, and I had stuff to do, to finish Ruthless which was over pages, it won't take long to catch up. Happy Reading!! Jan 29, Tylah Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: These girls Onto the next one Feb 03, Jennie rated it liked it Shelves: I have been reading this series for years now. And the first book I found amazing. Heck, the whole original series I found pretty darn amazing, full with twists and turns, though the whole Courtney thing seemed a bit out there and I still find it confusing.

But the two books following that I liked this book and I will continue to read the series. But part of me just wants it to end , and that's not the best sign.

But it's also addicting because I feel like I can't just stop reading. I need to fi I have been reading this series for years now.

I need to finish, dang it. But I wish she'd hurry up and finish the series, because how more confusing and convoluted can it get? Will they ever be free of A? I dunno, I'm having this image of A haunting them into adulthood. Part of me wonders if SS is going to take a paranormal route and have the ghost of A haunting the girls because I just do not get who is taunting them and why they continue to do so. And that is why I am halfway frustrated but still continue reading because I need to know what happens, but feel that in all honesty the series should have ended with the A's reveal and death.

View 2 comments. Time to check in with our resident mean girls. In the 10th book of the Pretty Little Liars series, the girls have learned nothing.

They are still putting themselves in stupid situations and just being all around horrible people. And despite being seniors and older, they still act like children and refuse to actually talk to each other.

Instead, they bring up A and then lie and say that nothing is happening to them. So what's been happening? Hanna has met a new man, but it's the son of her fathers Time to check in with our resident mean girls. Hanna has met a new man, but it's the son of her fathers biggest opponent.

But it's ok because they're soulmates and they're going to run away together and live happily ever after! I'm not kidding. This was a discussion literally like the second time they met.

The first time they met they had such a strong connection that they just made out all the time. I'm sure you can sense my eye roll here. Aria and Noel have broken up. Aria blames the foreign exchange student who blatantly wants Noel. But it's okay because Ezra is back and they are also going to run away together to New York and live happily ever after.

Aria will even finish school on line because she's that anxious to begin their life together. This whole relationship is weird. Ezra has apparently been pining after Aria the entire time they've been apart. So much that he wrote a book about their relationship. And he's ready to be with her and go public with their love and OMG gag me with a spoon.

You're a 25 I think year old man hung up on a child who got you fired. Also, this Ezra is a complete slime ball compared to TV Ezra. Still infatuated with Ali until she meets another beautiful girl who shows her attention and now she's in love with her. So of course this girl can do no wrong.

I don't even want to talk about Emily anymore because it will just become a rant about how much of an idiot she is and that's just repetitive at this point.

Finally Spencer. Well Spencer is taking a page from Emily's book and becomes so obsessed and paranoid thinking she knows who A is that she literally attacks people. She also did something really horrible to a girl she met over summer and guess who's back in Spencers life???

Also, I've decided that all four of them are suffering from the same delusion since they all keep hearing giggling wherever they go.

These girls need therapy and they need it now. Dec 09, Neha rated it it was ok. I was not impressed, to be honest.

It felt like Sara Shepherd was like "okay, I have a 4-book contract Oh, and I'll also make Ezra into this obnoxious, self-centered person who would cheat on Aria after wait I was not impressed, to be honest.

Oh, and I'll also make Ezra into this obnoxious, self-centered person who would cheat on Aria after waiting a whole year for her. And, don't get me started on how Noel ends up this being the good guy after the last book. It was just really annoying. Also, I just did not feel sorry for the girls at all in this book.

Especially Spencer planting drugs in another girl's room? It was just selfish and cruel. I'm still interested to see how the whole Tabitha storyline progresses my guess is that she was Ali's roommate at the hospital, which is how she found out all the secrets, and that Ali is again A , so I'll probably finish the series. Still, keep your expectations low for this one. View 1 comment. Dec 02, Sara Santos rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 08, Kat rated it did not like it Shelves: And so we're back.

Book nine? I'm not sure, but this storyline has been pulled to within an inch of its life.

[PDF] Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars, Book 10) Full Collection

The drama and tension of the earlier books is pretty much gone, because it's expected. There will always be a random chick who comes into the girl's lives who initially they trust, then start to suspect, then have an "OMG! New A! All the books have ended like this. Ruthless doesn't really ext And so we're back. Ruthless doesn't really extend the storyline at all. There's boring relationship drama all over the place. Hanna falls madly in love to the point of uttering the god-awful words 'soul mate' with a guy she just met who happens to be the son of the fellow her father is running against in his campaign to be Mayor.

In the last book, Hanna was duped by a photographer basically spurting the same lines who just wanted racy shots of her to use against her father, you'd the girl would learn. But no. And her father is quite the forgiving type, when Hanna admits she took the racy shots and then payed off the photographer by stealing 10 and then framing her father's right hand man, not only does he forgive her, he gets her more involved in his campaign.

I feel bad for Klaudia, mainly because she is such a wonky character. I actually liked her to begin with. Because she's beautiful and foreign, people see her as a whore first and foremost. And Aria does, too. But then she gets to know her, or thinks she does, and Klaudia is actually nice.

Of course, this is an act. Klaudia is a whore, fake accent and all, and steals Aria's boyfriend who I still don't get why she's with anyway. Boring Ezra comes back, and he's written his perfect book about his love for Aria and their story. God, the guy gets so obnoxious about his book being great and Aria not liking it.

And, of course, after a fight with Aria she finds Ezra and Klaudia making out. He and Aria have a whirlwind re-romance where she decides its best to up and move away with him. But he suspects she doesn't really like his book; so they break up and she goes back to Noel, who of course missed her terribly and claims all the rumours about him and Klaudia hooking up were false.

Emily falls madly in love with this girl Kelsey, who just so happens to be an old friend of Spencers whom she got sent to juvie by having Hanna plant drugs in her room, even though Spencer was high on the drugs herself. Kelsey is the "New A" of this book, who turns out not to be A after all. Hanna says often how awful the place is; makes me wonder why all these rich girls still go there.

Pretty Little Liars

But maybe that's just because Hanna couldn't get her hair blown out and isn't allowed manicures. Back to Emily for a second, it was revealed in the last book she had an unplanned pregnancy, stayed with her sister in her college dorm to hide it from her parents, and then gave the baby away.

Firstly, I'm positive A knows about this and we're just waiting until another book vomits itself out before Emily starts freaking that people will find out.

She had a job working at a cafe, met some guy there and told him her troubles, its not like she was in utter hiding the whole time and only came out once. And her sister Melissa agrees to let her stay with her and keep her secret, but she is an unbelievable bitch. Spencer gets with this Yale drama guy she initially hates and all the girls fawn over, no surprise that they hook up there. And then he kinda turns on her at the end when he sees her and Kelsey fight; you'd think he'd take the side of the girl who he's been fawning over for the whole book, helping her with her lines, etc.

But no, he sides with stranger! Everyone and everything in these books are stereotypes. From the 'perfectly, manicured lawns', to the lines of "thank God I'd just had my hair blown out.


I don't feel bad for any of them, especially when they drown their sorrows by spending hundreds on massages, facials, manicures, shopping sprees, high-class lunches, etc. Yawn, how awful it is to be so pretty, rich and popular. By the way, I get that's supposed to be the irony of these books, that these girls are perfect but still have issues. Alison was then saved by Mrs Grunwald and Mona picked her up near the woods, conveniently convincing her to run away. Meanwhile, Aria hit Bethany over the head to kill her, because there was no way that she could trust Bethany to keep the whole thing a secret.

She then went back to the barn and pretended to be asleep, so the girls could discover that Alison was missing. No one apart from the Radley staff would have noticed Bethany going missing, so Aria had nothing to worry about. So what did Aria do? Double crossed Mona into faking her own death and then got Alison put into jail.

What about Charlotte? Charlotte was vulnerable, so Aria used her, while helping her to build the Dollhouse, which once Alison was brought in was supposed to be a permanent prison for Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Mona to be tortured, while Cece got her sister back. Aria would then walk away without a scratch having got everything that she wanted. But Aria had a backup plan. She left clues to Charles hidden around the Dollhouse, knowing that Spencer would pick up on it. Then, Charlotte was tricked into thinking that she was entirely responsible for what happened to the girls and gave herself up.

Charlotte was then put into a mental hospital and Aria, Mona and the girls all went off their separate ways. So, she helps someone to dispose of her. Then to make sure that everyone knows their place, she gets Mona fired from her job too.There's so many possibilities.

But I wish she'd hurry up and finish the series, because how more confusing and convoluted can it get? These pretty little liars better watch their backs because they're about to get exactly what they deserve. It drives me mad to see her having to keep winning his love and approval but I love seeing her get one over Kate!

Aria is uncomfortable being stalked by an ex-teacher at a school event, so Ezra descends into yet another sulk and gets off with evil pneumatic sex-puppet Klaudia behind some bins in an alleyway. Cliff Hanger: There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Oct 07, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.